Bengali Style Wood Apple Sarbat Or Beler Pana

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Beler Pana

Wood apple are only available during spring season. These are two types in general. One is sour and another one is sweet. The sour wood apples are called Koyetbe/Kotbel in Bengali. These are very tasty and great for making sweet and sour spicy achar. That sour version is available in the autumn to winter season and this sweet version is in spring to summer. Bengalis are fond of Bel any kind of, sweet or sour. The raw sweet version bel, we make murobba out of it. And sugar syrup soaked sweet is very famous in West Bengal, but now it has become rare to find in sweet shops. This Beler Murabba is very good for stomach. The ripe Bel is used to make Pana or Sweet Curd based drink. Comforting and great to make body cool during summer. This is my father's recipe, he used to make this types of Beverages at home during summer with home made curd. He prepares different types of Lassi, sarbat and many other different cold beverages. Let's check his secret way of making this beverage too....




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135 Minutes

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Ingredients for Beler Pana

Preperation steps for Beler Pana

  Take the flesh of the bel in a large bowl, add the 2 cups of water into it and soak for at least 2 hours. You can also refrigarate it.

  After 2 hours take the bowl out of the fridge, and start hand mashing the flesh of the bel. Discard the seeds . Better sieve through a large strainer. It will help to discard any unwanted substance from the water mixture. After straining keep the water mixed bel aside for later use.

  Now take a blender, add curd, salt & sugar in it, and blend for 1 minutes, with pulse.

  Now in the blender add the Bel mixed water and blend for 30 seconds with pulse. That's

  Take serving glasses, add ice cubes, pour the Beler Pana over the ice cubes and serve....

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