Niramish Enchorer Dalna

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Enchorer Dalna

Enchor or jackfruit is nothing but unripe Jackfruit. This is considered as vegetarian mutton for Vegetarian people. the texture of the cut vegetable is almost like red meat. This vegetable tastes delicious, if you make this the way. Ghee and garam masala is mandatory for this curry. Enchor is called as 'Gachh Pantha' in Bengali for it's taste and texture. This vegetable can be cooked in both vegetarian or non vegetarian way. It can be cooked as it is or can be made koftas out of it's meat and gravy of the koftas. This vegetable can be cooked with prawns too, 'Enchor Chingrir Dalna'. I've already the recipe on blog. This time I've made this without onion garlic. In my Maternal house, Thursday is considered as vegetarian day. As on this day, 'Griho Lakshmi Pujo' has been done, so we eat veg food this day. So ma makes all veg dishes on Thursday. And through out summer, Enchorer dalna is a must item on Thursday. Needless to say, mom makes this dish delicious. and we have no problem with 'Enchorer Dalna' on every Thursday. Dad used to take a bowl separately for dinner, as he loves 'Enchorer Dalna' with ruti/porota. But I like this item with steamed rice only. Eating enchor is delicious, but cutting this vegetable is not so easy. If you don't know how to cut this, go through the YouTube, you can find many videos showing how to cut this vegetable. Any way let's check for the recipe....



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Ingredients for Enchorer Dalna

Preperation steps for Enchorer Dalna

  Take the enchor pieces, place into a cooker, add some water and boil till 2 to 3 whistles. Turn off the heat and keep aside the cooker.

  Now take an wok, heat mustard oil, add potato chunks and fry till the potatoes are fried from every sides. Take them out and keep aside for later use.

  In the same oil add chopped tomatoes, little salt and cover the wok, simmer the gas. Leave it for 30 seconds, to make the tomatoes soft and pulpy.

  In the meantime, take a bowl, add ginger paste/grated, turmeric, cumin powder, chili powder and 2 tablespoons water and make a paste. When the tomatoes will be soft enough, uncover the wok, add the masala paste which you have made. Now higher the gas, and keep stirring the masala mixture with the tomatoes till oil separates from the masala.

  This step called 'Koshano' in Bengali. This is a very important part in any curries. If this is not done nicely, the gravy will be not tasty.

  Now open the cooker, strain the boiled enchor from the water and add into the wok along with the fried potatoes.

  Keep stirring everything together for 1 minute. This is also an important step, in this way the masala mixture is well marinating with the Enchor and potatoes.

  After 1 minute of stirring, add required salt and sugar and the warm water.

  Cover the wok, simmer the gas to cook the potatoes and enchor till they are boiled enough. It will take at least 5 minutes.

  After 5 minutes open the lid and check the potatoes, if they are done or not. If yes then we will go for the tempering part. If not again will continue with the lid part till the potatoes are done.

Now tempering :

  Take a serving bowl and pour the curry into it.

  Now place the empty wok on the heat again, and melt the ghee in it.

  When the ghee will be warm, add cumin, bay leaf, hing, crushed cinnamon cloves & cardamom pods, fry till nice aroma comes from the whole spices. Now pour the curry into the wok again and boil for 1 minute.

  After 1 minute, turn off the gas...

  Niramish Enchorer Dalna is ready to serve. This dish goes well with steamed rice/roti/parathas.

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