Rosogollar Payesh Or Rasgulla Kheer

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Rosogollar Payesh

Rosogollar Payesh, planning to make for a long time, but somehow I was not able to manage it. Yesterday made it finally. Once I made it for my husband's birthday in the USA. You know what, I'm not a Rosogolla lover. I may be the only Bengali who doesn't like Rosogolla. But I like it if it's soaked in thick creamy milk, like Rasmalai or Rosogollar payesh. This Rosogollar payesh neither is same as Rasmalai nor like Chhanar Payesh. Here you have to make the full-fat milk thicken to 1/3 of its original quantity along with sugar/ jaggery and you have to boil the mini rosogollas into it, till it thicken and give you a smooth creamy like texture. Many people make chhanar payesh this way, but they do it absolutely wrong. Where in chhanar payesh, you have to make chhana out of milk, and then mash it and add it to the boiled thicken the milk. The texture is almost like Rabri. You can check my 'Chhanar Payesh' recipe for the details. So let's check this recipe below...




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Ingredients for Rosogollar Payesh

Preperation steps for Rosogollar Payesh

  Take a pan, with a heavy bottom, add little water first. This will prevent the milk from burning. Now add the milk, and start boiling until the milk thicken to 1/3 of its original quantity.

  It'll take 30 to 45 minutes.

  Add the crushed green cardamom and sugar and again boil for 5 minutes.

  In the meantime, take the Rosogollas and squeeze them to extract the syrup.

  Now add the squeezed Rosogollas into the milk pan and boil for 5 more minutes. In this way, the Rosogollas will absorb the milk. that's it.

  Turn off the heat and let the Payesh cool down completely.

  Now garnish the 'Rosogollar Payesh' with chopped pista and dry rose petals and serve. Or you may keep 'Rosogollar Payesh' inside the refrigerator and serve cold.


Serving Tips

  • Rosogollar payesh should be served slightly cold, not chilled.
  • Or you can have it slightly warm too. 
  • You can serve rosogollar payesh with some chopped nuts on the top, preferably chopped pistachio. 


  • You can use condensed milk and full cream milk half and half. In that case you need to reduce the quantity of sugar. 
  • Saffron can be used while boiling the milk, it gives a nice aroma to the payesh. 
  • You can use gur/jaggery instead of sugar. 

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