Egg omelet Curry Or Dimer Bowrar Jhol

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Omelet Curry

"Aao Sikhao Tume Ande Ka Funda Yeh Nahin Pyare Koi Maamule Banda Is Mein Chhupa Hai Jeevan Ka Fal Safa" Every word of this song is very true and justified. An egg is an essential and nutritious food for any age. It should be eaten on daily basis. This is cheap, but a very good source of protein, vitamin & good fat. An egg is a versatile ingredient. You can have it any form, boiled, poached, omelet, scrambled, in breakfast, you can add this loaf, bread, anything. And when it comes to egg curry, there will be very few people who don't love egg curry in all over the world. Egg curry also can be with any form of an egg, with hard-boiled, half boiled, poached egg or omelet curry. Today I'm going to share a very famous Egg recipe, Egg omelet Curry, which is a family favorite. Egg omelet cooked separately and then you have to make the gravy with potatoes. In the end, the omelet will go into the gravy.

Today I'm going to share Omelette curry recipe, which I've learned from my Mom, she adopted from my Grand Mother (mom's mother). She used to use a secret spice mixture which makes the curry even tastier. I'll share the secret. Let's have look at the recipe...




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Ingredients for Omelet Curry

Preperation steps for Omelet Curry

  Take each egg, break, bat well, add chopped onion, green chili salt and mix.

  Heat little oil on a frying pan, pour the egg mixture and spread it as much as possible. Lower the heat, cook each side for 1 minute and take the omelette and place on a plate for later use.

  Take another pan and dry roast the cumin seeds, coriander seeds, whole red chili, cinnamon stick, cloves & green cardamom pods till a nice aroma comes from the whole spices. Turn off the heat and let it cool down completely. Then take the dry roasted spices in a dry grinder and coarsly ground.

  Now take the chopper onion, garlic, ginger & green chili in a grinder and grind to make a smooth paste. This is called 'Bhaja Moshla' Or 'Dry roasted & ground whole spices'.

  Heat oil in a seperate Kadai, fry potatoes till golden in color, take them and keep aside.

  In the same oil add the onion ginger garlic & green chili paste, and fry. Fry this till the paste changes it's color to light brown. Add turmeric and sprinkle some water to prevent the masala from burning. Keep stirring for another 15 seconds.

  Now add chopped tomatoes, little salt and sugar and cover the pan with a lid. It will help the tomatoes to become soft and pulpy. It will take 15 to 20 seconds.

  After certain time, open the lid and you will see the pulpy tomatoes.

  Add the dry roasted & ground whole spices to the pan and sprinkle some water, keep stirring. When the oil will start seperating, add the fried potatoes to the pan and add 1 cup warm water. You are making a thin gravy so 1 cup water is needed.

  Cover the pan and lower the heat to cook the potatoes till they are soft and tender. It will take at least 10 minutes.

  After 10 minutes open the lid and check if the potatoes are done. If not, keep as it is for another 2, 3 minutes. If done add the omelettes to the gravy and boil the gravy for another 1 minute.

  That's it. Your Omelette Curry is ready. Serve it with plain Roti/Phulka or Rice.


Serving Tips

Omelet curry can be served with plain rice or roti. It might be served with chopped cilantro on the top.


If you want to make a large omelet, you can beat 3 eggs together and make a large fluffy omelet and can cut into small pieces.

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