Taaler Malpoa

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Taaler Malpoa

Today I'm going to share 'Taaler Malpoa'. Taal means, Asian Palm Fruit. We used to make Taaler Bowra, Taaler Kheer, Taaler Luchi etc on Janmastami puja. This dish I've made last year, when I got a Taal from Warangal, Ramappa Temple. But I didn't get time to write the recipe. So thought of sharing this recipe this year before Janmastami. And here it is.

Malpua is a very popular sweet in India. Mostly in Odisa/West Bengal/Bihar etc. There are different types of Manpua are made. different type means, the ingredients wise and the process wise. In Odisa & west bengal, where the Malpua is dipped in sugar syrup after frying, but in Bihar, sugar is added in the batter. In UP, Bihar and northen part of Indian, Malpua is served with Rabdi or Malai but in Odisa, Bengal it is serve just soaked in sugar syrup. In Odisa malpua is one the most important items of Chappan Bhog, which is served to Lord Jagannath. In Bengal, it is prepared during Janmastami to serve Lord Krishna. We Bengalis call this Malpoa. We use to make different types of Malpoa, on Janmastami. Like Paka Kolar MAlpoa, Kheerer Malpoa, Taaler Malpoa etc. My blog already has the 'Kheerer Malpoa' recipe since long time.




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Ingredients for Taaler Malpoa

Preperation steps for Taaler Malpoa

For Syrup:

  Take a saucepan and add all the ingredients under the heading of syrup and bring mixture to a boil. After boiling 5 minutes off the oven and let the syrup cool to the room temperature

Making Taaler Malpoa :

  Take the taal pulp, sugar, crushed fennel a in a heavy bottomed pan, mix everything and put the pan on medium heat. Keep stirring the mixture with a spatula to prevent it burning at the bottom.

  We have to evaporate the excess water of the pulp by boiling it on low heat.

  After making thick taal mixture, turn off the heat and let it cool down completely.

  In the meantime take a bowl, add maida, sooji, grated/scraped coconut, baking soda and milk, and mix everything very well, make sure there is not lump in the batter. Keep aside this batter for 30 minutes.

  When the taal mixture will be completely at room temperature, mix this with the maida & sooji mixture and make a thick pancake like batter. If the batter looks too tight, add some milk to make it pouring consistancy.

  Keep the mixture in room temperature for about 15 minutes. Then take a flat non stick pan and heat oil and pour one big spoon at a time and fry the both side till golden brown.

  Now soak each "Malpoa" into the sugar syrup at a time for 1-2 minutes and take it out from the syrup and place on a plate.

  Decorate with chopped pistachios and serve.

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