Ilish Macher Mathar Chenchra

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Ilish Macher Matha Die Pui Shaaker Chorchori

Ilish macher matha diye pui shak/ilish fish head mismatch with Malabar spinach is a very popular dish in West Bengal. After making the main dish of ilish like ilisher jhal, jhol, doi ilish and paturi, then this is the last recipe of ilish. Because we are keeping the ilish head separate to make chanchera, tok or with pui shaker or bandhakopir chorchori. The marinated ilish fish head are fried and then cook with Malabar spinach, taro, pumpkin and radish and sometimes added with potatoes and this is how to make ilish macher matha diye pui shak/ilish fish head mismatch with Malabar spinach. Since last 10 days, I was on a boiled food diet, as I was diagnosed with Para Typhoid even after Typhoid Vaccination. Then all normal food was prohibited for me. No protein, fruits, dal, oil, wheat nothing. Morning breakfast was 2 regular bread toast, lunch with boiled vegetables and rice, snacks murmura and biscuits and dinner as same as lunch. After 8 days I was allowed to have the Dal water and little bit light chicken stew with rice off course. Now I'm absolutely fine, and permitted to eat anything except outside food. So after long time I had proper lunch today, with Moong dal with green papaya, hilsa fish head and Malabar spinach mishmash and hilsa fish in mustard paste. Though I'm not able to have lots of food, but had a satisfied lunch after long time. And getting energy to post a new recipe after a short break...

This is my last Ilish Mach recipe for this season. Ilish mach is a kind of fish, whose no part should be waste. And if you are a hilsa fan, then you must know, Ilish machher matha, can be paired with anything, like many people make dal with ilish machher matha, can be cooked with pui shaak or malabar spinach, kochur loti or taro stem, bandhakopi or cabbage and even with misti kumro or pumpkin. You can even make sweet n sour Bengali tok with Ilish macher matha and tamarind paste. Today I'm going to share Ilish Machher Matha Die Pui Shaaker Chenchra recipe with you, which is similar with the rohu/katla fish head mishmash with pui shaak, but little twist at the end of ilish machher mathar chenchra. As we add sorse & kancha lonka bata at the end of the mishmash to give it a rich and hot flavor.




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Ingredients for Ilish Macher Matha Die Pui Shaaker Chorchori

Preperation steps for Ilish Macher Matha Die Pui Shaaker Chorchori

  Take the fish head, clean and wash under tap water. Put them on a plate, add turmeric powder & salt and marinate the fish heads nicely.

  Now heat oil in a wok, fry the marinated fish heads till golden brown and keep aside.

  In the same oil, add panch foron and whole red chili to temper the oil. Fry for a while till a nice aroma comes from the panch foron, add the chopped vegetables. Add some salt and fry them till they look lightly fried.

  In the meantime rinse the malabar spinach or pui shaak. Discard the soaked water.

  Add the pui shaak to the wok, and mix everything gently.

  Now cover the wok, lower the heat and let everything cook for 5 minutes with its own water. Don't add water to the mishmash.

  After 5 minutes open the lid and add the fried fish head. Cover again for 2 minutes.

  After 2 minutes check if the vegetables are cooked enough or not. If they are cooked enough then higher the heat and let all the excess water evaporate and fry everything till a fried aroma comes from the mishmash.

  If the vegetables are not cooked enough, then add little water and cover the wok for another 3,4 minutes. After 3,4 minutes open the lid, higher the heat and let all the excess water evaporate and fry everything till a fried aroma comes from the mishmash.

  Now add the mustard paste and green chili paste to the mishmash and give it a gentle stir and turn off the heat. Let it be undisturbed for 5 more minutes.

  After 5 minutes, ilish macher matha die pui shaker chochori is ready to serve.

Serving Tips

Serve chenchra with hot steamed rice and any kind of Bengali dal.


Don't add onion or garlic, it'll ruin the flavor of hilsa.

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