Misti Kheerer Singara

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Misti Singara

Misti singara is pure Nostalgia. In our childhood this sweet samosas were very popular during Festive season. These were not available throughout the year, so we literally wat for this festive season to grab such Bengali delicacies. From Durga Pujo to Bhai phonta, misti singara, kheerer chop, khaja were in the market. And we were trying to enjoy these almost very day. I still remember, during this season, I visited 'Mamar Bari'(maternal uncel's house) frequently, after bijoya dashami, kali pujo or bhai phonta. And one very old sweet shop was there, named 'Nag Co.', they used to make such festive special sweet along with the regular sweets, and this everytime during our visit to 'Mamar Bari', ma bought misti singara from the shop. I'm not a sweet loving person, but some swets I really fond of, Misti singara is one of them, and that too particularly from 'Nag & Co.'

This is the sweet version of our regular Singara or Samosa, stuffed with khoya mixture and deep fried and dunked into thick sugar syrup. I was in a dilemma about making anything special before Diwali or not, as my little one was about to start his Play school from November, so didn't set my mind about making any special item for blog on Diwali, but then decided to make these 'Misti Kheerer Singara', but then realized that khoya was not at home. So what to do, planned for making it from scratch. Made khoya first with 1 liter of full fat milk, then made these samosas. Let's check the whole recipe from scratch, but if you want to made these with store bought khoya, just go for it. You will get the same result as mine.




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Ingredients for Misti Singara

Preperation steps for Misti Singara

Making khoya stuffing :

  Take 1 litter milk in a heavy bottom wide pan, and start boiling and keep stirring. The process will take 2 hours. And on low flame, keep eye on it, otherwise the milk will burn at the bottom. Keep mixing the forth and keep stirring.

  Scrape the milk solid from the side and keep mixing to the milk. After 1:30 hours you will the consistency like rabdi, after this the crucial part will begin. If you not keep stirring the milk will definitely get browned and burn at the bottom.

  At almost near the 2 hours, you will see bubbles on the milk, keep stirring and after few minutes you will see no bubbles in the milk, and your milk solid is ready. In this stage add sugar, cardamom powder, nutmeg powder and chopped nuts and mix everything gently. Turn off the heat and keep aside to cool down to room temperature.

Singara dough :

  Take Maida, baking soda, baking powder, salt in a large bowl and mix them well. Now add the melted ghee ("moyan" in Bengali) to the Maida mixture and mix altogether very well.

  Add water little by little at a time to the Maida mixture to make a stiff dough for the most crispy "Singara" .

  Kneed the dough very well to make it smooth but stiff. This is the hard part, but don't worry. Give the dough to your husband to kneed it well with their strong hands. And I'm sure they will do it happily, as they will get the hot "Singaras" as evening snacks.

  Ok, after kneading well, apply some oil allover the dough and cover it with a dump cloth. In this way no skin will form on the dough.

Making the misti singara :

  Make 6-7 balls from the dough. Take one ball in your palm, and make it round in shape. Now press the ball to flatten on a clean wooden surface and roll it to make a thin circle.

  Cut the circle in the middle with a sharp knife to make two parts of each circle. Apply water at all the edges. Joint the straight edge to make a cone shape.

  Hold the cone shape in your hand and fill the cone with khoya kheer mixture. Now press to seal the open mouth of the cone. But seal very carefully to secure the stuffing remain inside. In this way make rest of the "Singaras".

  How to fry the Singaras :

  Heat enough oil in a deep wok. Reach at smoking point and turn off the gas. After 5 minutes when the oil will be cool down little bit then add the singaras to the wok. And turn on the gas after 2 minutes of adding the singaras to the wok. The oil should be medium hot. Add 3-4 "Singaras" at a time, and fry them on low heat to make them crispy.

  Take the singaras out the wok, put on a paper towel and let the cool down completely.

Making sugar syrup :

  Take a pan, add sugar water saffron and put on gas stove, bring it to boil and then add the rose water, and turn off the heat.

  When the singaras will be at room temperature, pour the hot syrup on them and let them as it is.

  Enjoy Misti Kheerer Singara during festive season and recall your childhood.

Serving Tips

Serve Misti kheerer singara at room temperature along with other seets.


You may add scraped coconut to the stuffing, but usually coconut is not being added in this. Don't skip adding nutmeg to the khoya, this is very essential for the authentic flavor.

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