Chhanar Goja Or Chena Murki

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Chhanar Goja

Chhanar Goja Or Chena murki is basically sugar coated paneer cubes. This is a very popular sweet of Bengal Odisa Bihar sides. The recipe of Chhanar Goja or Chena murki is very easy and quick. The recipe needs few basic ingredients which are easily available at your home and only 10 minutes. You need soft Panner, sugar and cardamom n nutmeg powder. If you have fresh good quality store bought paneer, then it will be made in no time. I've used homemade fresh paneer. This is a easiest recipe of making delicious Bengali sweet, which beginner can a easily make. When your guests drop at your home without any intimation, just make this easy sweet and surprise them. Let's check the easy Chhanar Goja or Chena murki recipe below...




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10 Minutes

10 Minutes



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Ingredients for Chhanar Goja

Preperation steps for Chhanar Goja

  Take the paneer and cut them into bite size pieces and keep aside.

  Now take a wide non stick pan, add sugar and water to the pan and keep stirring to dissolve the sugar. Now boil the mixture till the syrup reaches one string consistency.

  Add milk and keep mixing with the syrup.

  Now lower the heat and add nutmeg and cardamom powder, rose water to the pan and give it a nice stir.

  Add paneer cubes and keep stirring to coat the paneer cubes nicely till the sugar syrup completely dried up.

  Turn off the heat, and dust icing sugar on the Chhanar goja or Chena murki if you wish. Your Chhanar goja is ready.

Serving Tips

Serve at room temperature.


Do use the nutmeg powder, this is the secret ingredient for such sweets.

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