Nolen Gurer Taalsans Sandesh

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Jolbhora Taalsans Sandesh

I always say, I'm not a sweet lover, if my mood and the sweet in front of me is really impressive, then only would love to have some. In all kind of Bengali sweets I prefer sandesh most, as they are less sweet, and melts in mouth. Specially the Nolen gurer sandesh, they are so flavorful and tasty. And among all the variety of Nolen gurer sandesh, jalbhora Taalsans & amrito kumbho are my most favorite. As both of the sweets have some liquid jaggery inside their shell. And in Kolkata you can find the best Jalbhora Taalsans from Girish Chandra Dey & Nakur Chandra Nandy, 56 Ramdulal Sarkar Street | Kolktata, Kolkata 700006, India & Surjya Kumar Modak, G.T.Road, Chandannagar,, Barabazar, Kolkata, West Bengal 712136. If you are going to visit Kolkata, don't miss the chance to have some from these shops. But we are not so lucky to have the original Jalbhora, of Nakur or Surjyo Modak, so we have to make them at home and relish them. So I asked my dad to buy me the Taalsans sandesh mold, and he sent me those beautiful sandesh molds after 1 week. And no sooner I made Jalbhora Taalsans. Let's have a look at the procedure how I made them.




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Ingredients for Jolbhora Taalsans Sandesh

Preperation steps for Jolbhora Taalsans Sandesh

  Take the freshly made chhana on a plate, and kneed gently to make the chhana smooth. remember no store bought panner will be good for making any bengali sweets.

  Add powdered sugar and grated patali gur to the chhana, and keep mixing using your clean palm for another 2 minutes

  Now heat a non-stick pan, melt the ghee and pour the chhana gur & sugar mixture. Keep stirring everything on low heat till the mixture comes together to make a dough.

  At first the mixture will be mushy and semi liquid, later the mixture will evaporate the excess moisture and will be dried up to form a dough.

  Turn off the heat, put the chhana mixture on the same plate, sprinkle cardamom powder, and again mix everything.

  Now grease you palm with ghee, take some chhana mixture in your palm, make a small ball, put 1 or 2 raisins on inner part of a mold, and put the small sandesh ball between 2 molds, make a hole, below and pour 1/2 teaspoon liquid jaggery and seal the bottom with a small piece of the chhana mixture.

  You jolbhora Taalsans Sandesh is ready to serve. Make rest of the Taalsans sandesh just like this.



If you can't get patali gur, you can use sugar instead. And skip the liquid jaggery adding part.

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