Eggless Chocolate Cookies

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Chocolate Cookies

I always prefer to offer homemade food to my kiddo. And Touch Wood he enjoys the goodies. Still now, I give him homemade cookies, cakes, ghee, butter, whatever is possible to make at home. If cookies are not left, and I have to give my kiddo something while outside, then only I offer store bought one. I make different varieties of cookies, with atta, multigrain, flax seeds, and I prefer to use either organic brown sugar or jaggery as sweetener. Sometimes I add ground nuts, sometime cumin seeds, carom seeds to make the homemade cookies even more interesting. I usually make egg less cookies, as they are easy to store and stays for long time. I make a large batch at a time. And If I'll add egg, it's life span will be less. Today first time I've tried chocolate cookies, where I've used coco powder along with atta and jaggery. And guess what! Kiddo just loved it. So let's check the recipe of Eggless Chocolate Cookies with homemade white butter.




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Ingredients for Chocolate Cookies

Preperation steps for Chocolate Cookies

  Take a large siever and a large bowl under the siever. Now add atta, cocoa powder, baking powder and soda on the siever and sieve everything into the bowl.

  Now add butter and jaggery and mix well with hand blender or if your hand is clean enough, then use your hand.

  Now add milk to make a soft semi solid batter.

  Now wrap the bowl with a clean plastic wrap and place the bowl inside the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

  Pre-heat the oven for 180C . Now bring the mixture out from the refrigerator and pour into a piping bag with a Medium size icing nozzle at the mouth of the bag and cut the mouth of the piping bag where the nozzle is fitted and push the nozzle to out of the bag.

  Now take a cookie tray, place a parchment paper on it and start squeezing the piping bag. Hold piping bag at 90 degree angle with tip above surface. Squeeze to form rose shaped cookies, stop squeezing, and pull away. In this way squeeze all the mixture on the cookie tray.

  Place the tray inside the pre-heated oven and bake for 25 minutes or until the cookies are golden brown.

  When they will be golden brown, turn off the oven and keep the cookies inside for another 2 minutes to make them crispy, and after 2 minutes take them out and place them one by one on cooling rack.

  When they are completely cool down store in an airtight cookie jar and enjoy whenever you want..

Serving Tips

Serve with milk or any hot beverage.


If you want may use ground nuts powder to the batter, like almond, pecan, walnut etc.

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