Bengali Style White Peas Curry

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Niramish Ghughni

'Niramish <strong>Ghugni</strong>', what is that? - Ma asked, when I told her about my next blog post. My ma doesn't very much understand what is blog and how it gives me bread and butter, but I love discussing with her about my work, and she understand or not, always encourages me a lot in every possible way. Anyway, where were we, oh yes, I was discussing about my latest Blog post with Ma, which is a rare job of mine, as after launching my YouTube channel, I hardly post any new recipe on my blog, rather I try to improve my earlier posts by improving the recipe description or by creating new tags... And I'm busy in developing my recipe videos now, as more than 400 recipes ar already posted on blog, so the recipes need videos too. So Ma was surprised with my new blogpost name, as <strong>Ghugni</strong> supposed to be Niramish al the time for her. <strong>Ghugni</strong> comes in 2 different forms to Ma, either <strong>Ghugni</strong> or Mangsher Ghugni. And <strong>Ghugni</strong> must be niramish I mean no onion garlic way and Mangsher Ghugni is cooked with Mutton Keema. So I explained her the reason behind the name, and also that I've already posted my Ghugni recipe with onion garlic version. After so many discussion she finally understood the logic behind the name, but looks like she is not convinced. Anyway, when she will see the post I guess she must be happy. In this version, onion garlic is not used, instead coconut takes a magor part and gives a kick to the dish. This Ghugni goes best with luchi as part of Bengali breakfast. In our childhood, on the day of Bijoya Dashami, we had a special attraction to Choto dida's house, as she gives us <strong>Ghugni</strong>, nimki &amp; naru instead of lots of sweets. And her ghugni used to be delicious with red color. she used to cook the <strong>Ghugni</strong> in a large vassel for almost 25 family memebrs and the outsiders. and I still remember the smell which used to come when she cook her famous <strong>Ghugni</strong>. But choto dida is no more and her special <strong>Ghugni</strong> had lost too. but I tried to recreate the recipe, may be exactly not like her, but nearby...




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Ingredients for Niramish Ghughni

Preperation steps for Niramish Ghughni

  Take the Ghugni and soak for overnight. In the morning, boil the Ghugni in a pressure cooker with 3 cups of water for 3 to 4 whistles or till they cooked soft but not mushy. Remember the ghugni must be in whole shape.

  Take ginger, tomato & grated coconut in a grinding bowl and grind till smooth. Keep aside for later use.

  Now rake a Kadai, heat oil till smokes. Now add the chopped coconut to the oil and fry till golden in color. Take them out of the kadai and keep aside.

  In the same oil, add the cumin seeds, bay leaves & red chili and fry for a while. Now add the Tomato, ginger & coconut paste to the kadai and add salt, sugar and keep stirring. Kepp stirring and prevent the masala to stick at the bottom.

  In between sprinkle some water to the kadai. Now add turmeric, cumin & red chili powder to the kadai, sprinkle some water and keep stirring till oil oozes from the masala.

  Now add boiled white peas or ghugni to the kadai and give a nice stir.

  Add 1 cup water to the kadai and let the ghugni to boil for 5 minutes. Add more water if you want little extra gravy..

  After 5 minutes, open the kadai and add the fried coconut.

  Serve Ghugni with Fulko Luchi..


Serving Tips

Serve with chopped cucumber and bhaja jeera, with a dash of lemon.

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