Fresh Homemade Crunchy Mango Pickle

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Mango Pickle

Achar plays a major part in Indian food. It's not the main dish, but achar can make any boring menu interesting. It increases the happiness of eating, it works like tempering, as plain dal is tasty but if you give it a nice tempering it'll be tastier. Just like that. And another role of achar, if you have achar, you do not need much sides for rice, roti or paratha. Many people can easily have rice, roti paratha simply with achar. Making different achar throughout the day is a compulsory work for every household. In our childhood we never bought char from market. As thamma and dida used to prepare lots of achar in every season with seasonal fruits. In winter achar used to be with goose berry aka kul or ber, chalta etc and in summer it would be mango, and throughout the year begun, kancha tetul, paka tentul, gajor, rasun tomato and many more. Granny’s used to have big boyam, and the boyam is must for achar, as the achar is processed under the sunlight. And glass or china mati absorbs the sunlight most, for achar never go for plastic bottles. And the mouth of the bottle must be covered with cotton cloth as through cotton cloth sunlight goes very well and the cover part is also done. In our childhood, almost in every household there achar used to be made, if not throughout the year, at least in Mango and Kul season. We used to live Govt quarter, and the tenants used to put the anchar bottle on the roof for better sunlight. They innocently used to believe the kids of the building, and we the naughty ones, every time, used to eat the achar, and in the afternoon when people used to collect the bottles, found the almost empty mostly bottles. We never caught, but I am sure they all knew who the culprits were. The good old days, again the next day, the aunties put the filled achar bottles on the roof and act like they did not understand who ate the achar last time. Really the old days will never come back, and this generation kids will never know such acts. As they do not




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Ingredients for Mango Pickle

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Preperation steps for Mango Pickle

  Take the mango and soak it in the tap water for 1 hour before doing anything.

  After 1 hour, take the mangoes out of the water and pat them dry. Now peel the mangoes and grate them till you reach the seed.

  Now pour the grated mango into the sterilized bottle, add salt, turmeric, and red chili powder, and 1/2 cup mustard oil. Put the cloth on the mouth of the bottle, and put a rubber band on the mouth. Now keep this bottle under sunlight for 15 days. The mango will be softened by sunlight passing through the bottle.

  On the 15th day, take a kadai and heat it. Now add dry red chili and whole mustard seeds to the kadai and roast them till the mustard seeds start popping and a nice aroma comes from the spices.

  Now turn off the gas and let the mustard seeds and dry chili cool down completely. When it is completely cool, put it in a small grinder and make a coarse powder.

  Now take the bottle of achar, add the powder to the achar, add 1 teaspoon sugar, and mix everything well with a spoon.

  When the mixing is done, again put the cloth on the mouth and keep the bottle under sunlight for another 5 days. After 5 days, your achar will be ready.

  And remember, no water drop will enter the achar bottle; otherwise, achar will catch fungus.

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Serving Tips

Achar usually serves as a side like papad salad, so serve with any Indian meal.


You can add green chili pieces too along with the grated mangoes. Was about to add the chilies, but didn't got the good quality chilies from the market.

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