Sada Aloor Dom Recipe

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Bengali Style Dum Aloo | Bengali Aloo Dum Recipe

<strong>Aloor dom</strong> or <strong>Dum aloo</strong> is a delicious dish, where baby potatoes are slow cooked (which is called Dum or Dom) in thick creamy gravy. In Bengali cuisine, there are many versions of <strong>Aloor dom</strong>. Some people cook this dish with onion, some without onion, and there are also many varieties in no onion version too. One is with coconut milk, another is with curd, if in one tomato is added in another version tomato will not be added, sometimes lip smacking stuffing are also put inside the scraped potatoes which is called Stuffed Aloor Dom and many more. Aloor dom or Dum aloo is the most common but one of the classic Indian dishes served in special occasion like marriage, birthday parties or any celebrations of festivals. Bengali aloor dom is served at the start of a huge menu, and mostly it is served with either Luchi or radhaballavi (lentil stuffed deep fried flat bread). This version has no onion garlic, and the creaminess of the gravy comes by adding beaten curd. And this version will be white in color, so turmeric will not be added. And curd will give the creaminess and nice sour taste which will tickles your taste buds for sure.

My mom used to prepare this Aloor Dom very often in my childhood along with luchi or porota for Sunday breakfast. And she used to say it was my Granny who first time cooked this sada aloor dom for some occasion, and after that this had become a family favourite and a hit recipe of her. I tried to recreate the recipe with all tips and tricks. Let jump into the recipe below…




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Ingredients for Bengali Style Dum Aloo | Bengali Aloo Dum Recipe

Preperation steps for Bengali Style Dum Aloo | Bengali Aloo Dum Recipe

  Now take the baby potatoes out of the water, and peel. Heat oil in a kadai, and add the the potatoes and sprinkle some salt and fry the potatoes till they turn nicely golden brown in colour.

  Take the fried potatoes out of the kadai, and keep aside.

  In the same oil, add ghee, temper the oil with bay leaf, whole red chili & cumin seeds and fry everything for a while.

  Now add ginger paste, fry for 5 seconds, and then add poppy seeds paste. Add some salt, and fry for another 5 seconds. Add cumin powder, chili powder and sprinkle some water, keep stirring. Now add kaju paste, give a stir and then add the beaten curd.

  Keep stirring, till oil separates. Now add potatoes and give a gentle stir and add 1 cup of water.

  Cover the kadai with a lid and let the potatoes cook till soft on simmer.

  It will take at least 10 minutes. After sometimes check the potatoes, if they are well cooked and soft, then higher the gas and evaporate the excess water. Remember Bengali aloor dom should be dry not with gravy. Which is called Makha Makha in Bengali.

  Turn of the gas when the aloor dom will be just like the picture and sprinkle garam masala.

  Serve with Fulko Luchi and enjoy…

Serving Tips

Serve this Sada aloor dom with Luchi or Porota, this version doesn't go with any rice variety.


Preferably garam masala should be added for tempering, if you temper the oil with garam masala then no need to add the garam masala powder at the end.

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