2 ingredients Pineapple Jam

Pineapple Jam Pineapple Jam

Jam/Jelly/Butter or any other spread, better to prepare at home. At least I do, As the store bought jam jelly has lots of preservatives, and don't know how many chemicals are in those bottles, and how pure the spread is. And trust me, making such fruit spreads are not very difficult, these need some fresh fruits, sugar and some time. Homemade spreads are easy to make and pure as well. Specially for kids. When they eat store bought spreads, you don't know how many chemicals are going inside their body in the name of real fruits, so if you know the proess why to buy from stores, it's cheaper as well. In my childhood, my mom used to make fruit/vegetable jam in my childhood, as I was a fussy eater in my childhood. So why can't I? I can remember mom used to try almost everything at home. Making any preserve is theraputic for me, I so love making them, and the spreadable jelly tastes so good on the hard bread toast. And among all kind of flavores, I and my kiddo love pineapple the most, because Pineapple is so flavorful fruit and the juice which comes from this fruit is so good, that you don't need much sugar to make the crystal kind of smooth Jam. Let's have a quick peek into the recipe..

Making pineapple jam is the easiest one, it takes minimum time and juicy pineapples are the best to make yummy jam for your breakfast. This recipe need only 2 ingredients and comes out perfectly.

2 ingredients Pineapple Jam
2 ingredients Pineapple Jam

Ingredients of Pineapple Jam

  • 1 Pineapple, peel the skin and cut into pieces.
  • 1 Cup(s) - Sugar.

How to make Pineapple Jam Recipe

  • Take the pineapple chunks into a grinder and grind to make not so smooth puree, some chunks must be there.
  • Now take a nonstick pan, add the Pineapple puree, and the sugar. You need 1 cup of sugar for a normal sized pineapple. So the ratio of Pineapple and sugar is 1:1.
  • Now on low heat, let the pineapple & sugar mixture cook till the mixture comes together & looks like stick elastic kind of spread.
  • Let's check if the jam is ready or not.
  • Take a bowl of cold water and drop some mixture, if you can make a small ball out of the mixture, then your jam is ready, if you can't and the mixture mixes up into

  • the water, then you need to cook for some more time, but don't cook for long time, otherwise it won't be spreadable.

  • Now if you find the jam is ready, leave it in the pan for cooling down completely.
  • Now sterilize a glass bottle, and pour the jam, close the lead and keep inside the refrigerator.
  • Whenever you want to use it, remove from refrigerator and spread on toast or cookies and enjoy..

Serving Tips

Spread on toasts or cookies.


You can add few drops of white vinegar to keep the jam for long time. White vinegar works as preservatives.

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