How To Make Mango Rabdi At Home

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Mango Rabdi

Mango Rabdi is a popular North Indian summer dessert. The key ingredients of this recipe is Milk & Mango. Only handful of ingredients will be enough to make such a delicious dessert easily at home. It's rich, creamy, smooth fruity Indian dessert with a soft pudding like texture.

The dessert actually melt in mouth and gives you heavenly feeling. Traditionally it's flavored with cardamom and saffron and dry fruits are actually optional for this recipe. You can add it later of your choice. Traditional way of making rabdi takes time as the milk should be cooked on low flame till it comes to 1/4th of the entire quantity and becomes a thick creamy mixture. And at the end when you'll add the mango pulp, it'll get an wonderful texture itself.

Mango rabdi can be served warm or chilled. But I suggest to have it chilled, the more it'll be in refrigerator the dessert will set and gets an impressive texture. I personally prefer chilled mango rabdi anytime. When it's summer season, means lots of mangoes are waiting for varieties of delicious recipes, and the best way to enjoy the king of fruits is to make Mango Rabdi. Rabdi is a versatile dessert. As we have added mango puree in here, you can try experimenting with different flavors that can go well with rabdi. Or you can just have a classic rabdi without adding any flavors. It will taste just as good.

Also, one can turn mango puree into a lot of different recipes like mango lassi, milkshake, or even mango smoothie as well. Sugar is not very much needed since mangoes provide the natural sweetness for the dessert. So it also a healthy option to have, satisfying your sweet tooth.



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Ingredients for Mango Rabdi

Preperation steps for Mango Rabdi

  Take milk in a vessel with heavy bottom and place it over flame to heat.

  When it simmers once, reduce the flame to medium. Collect all the malai formed on the surface, at the corners with help of a ladle. Stir really well by bringing the ladle to the bottom of the pan so that milk doesn’t stick to the bottom.

  Cook until it remains 1/3 in quantity.

  When milk gets thick in quantity, add sugar and allow it to dissolve completely and continue to simmer the mixture till it reaches 1/4th of the original quantity.

  Add cardamom powder and saffron milk and give a nice stir.

  Turn off the flame and allow the rabdi to come completely to the room temperature.

  When it'll come to the room temperature, add the mango puree and mix well till combined.

  If you wish, you can add finely chopped mango chunks, chopped nuts in rabdi and mix nicely.

  Scrumptious lachedar mango rabdi is ready. This delectable rabdi can be stored in refrigerator for 2 to 3 days.

Serving Tips

Mango rabdi can be served warm or chilled. But I suggest to have it chilled, the more it'll be in refridgerator the dessert will set and gets an impressive texture.

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