Omelette Burger Or Sandwich

Omelette Burger Or Sandwich

Omelette Burger is a quick fix breakfast item. It' heavy, filling & healthy breakfast recipe. It its a fuss free, hassle free go to recipe. Very easy to prepare and need few handful of ingredients to make this Omelette Burger. This is an American Breakfast But here I've made this in Indian style .This will be fun to have omelet & bread in burger style. It's really a headache to think what's the should I give or prepare for breakfast in hurry. So I always try to have burger buns and lettuce at home, whenever I'm clueless or in a real hurry, I make this one. And having this everyone is happy at home, and our tummy too. Now a days kids are fond of such food, always want to have this type of food, burger pizza pastas. And if we can make it at home, that will be healthy and money saving also. We can be assured about the ingredients we're using in these recipes. So I prepare such healthy Omelette Burger at home quite often. Sometimes changes ingredients like chicken veggie cutlets instead of egg. You can add more ingredients as per your choice too.



2 serving(s)

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15 Minutes

15 Minutes

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Ingredients of Omelet Burger

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Directions to make Omelet Burger in steps


  • Add chopped onions, milk, turmeric & salt in beaten egg and mix well.
  • Heat a non-stick pan and make 2 omelets and keep aside. Now take each burger bun and toast with butter and keep them aside too.
  • Take a burger butter toasted bun top with an omelet ,some mayonnaise ,onion ring, sliced tomato & cucumber and place the top of the bun on top & serve.

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