Saffron Almond Milk Or Kesar Badam Milk

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Badam Milk

My mom used to serve me this Badam Milk in my childhood. This is very healthy drink specially for kids. I was not a big fan of Milk those days. So my mom made some tricks to serve Milk in different ways which I can never say no to Milk. Some time She used to make Shakes, sometime She added Coco powder and most of the time time She would like to make Badam Milk for me. Because I always love Almonds. Specially in summer this is the best refreshing drink for everyone. Almonds increase the Memory. So for the students this is a very useful and healthy drink. And Saffron Or Kesar gives a very nice flavor to the drink.

Badam means "Almond" and "Kesar" means "Saffron". This is a milk full of "Almond" paste and "Saffron". This badam flavored milk is very rich and energetic drink for summer. And the wonderful flavor of saffron enhance its taste.




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Ingredients for Badam Milk

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Preperation steps for Badam Milk

  Remove the skin of almonds and set aside.

  Now take the saffron soaked milk, peeled almonds and sugar in a small grinder and make a fine paste.

  Now pour the "Badam/Almond and kesar/Saffron" paste in a bowl, add milk and cardamom powder and stir well.

  Pour into glasses and serve chilled.

Serving Tips

Serve this awesome drink Hot Or Chilled.

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