Rui Posto Or Posto Mach

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Rui Posto

For typical Ghoti (Belogs to West Bengals) people posto or poppy seeds takes a major part in daily cooking. Our popular side dish is Aloo Posto. We prefer to use posto in many dishes, like jhal, spicy rich curries etc. We use poppy seeds in veg or non veg curries. It gives a nice flavor and makes difference in taste. We love to add poppy seeds in vegetables, fish even in meat items. And we can make posto with anything and everything. Aloo Posto is a most favorite amongst them, but Jhinge (Ridge Gourd) Posto is equally famous. Now comes to other vegetable post names, like Potol Posto, Fulkopir Posto, Piajkolir Posto, Kankrol Posto, Chichinge Posto, Tomato Posto, Piaj Posto etc etc. And now comes to non-veg part. We make Chingri Posto, <b>Rui Posto</b> , Posto Murgi etc. Now comes to the discussion of <b>Rui Posto</b>. Actually not only rui, you can use any sweet water fish for making this dish. Like Rohu, Katla, Mrigel or even Tilapia. But as we're cooking Posto with Fish, we need to add onion to make the dish appropriate. <b>Rui Posto</b> is equally famous Fish item of Ghoti bari. Serve with steamy hot rice, and it tastes lip smacking good.

Rohu is a most popular fish in Bengal, Assam, Orissa. And posto or Poppyseed is paste is very tasty thing to make gravy with it. Fried Rohu Fish Cooked In Sauce Made With Onion, Tomato & Poppyseed Paste.




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45 Minutes

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Jamai Sasthi

Ingredients for Rui Posto

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Preperation steps for Rui Posto

  First clean the fish and marinade with half of turmeric and salt and keep aside for 10mins.

  Now heat the oil in a kadai and fry the fish till golden brown, take them out and keep aside.

  In the remaining oil add black kalonji and green chilies and when they splatter add the chopped onion.

  Fry the onion till soften and now add the chopped tomatoes. Fry for few minutes. Now add the poppy seed paste, remaining turmeric ,red chili pwd ,salt and fry.

  When oil separates from the gravy add the fried fish and fry again. Now add some water and bring the gravy boil.

  Let the gravy boil till it becomes thick. Now remove the kadai from heat and garnish it with chopped fresh coriander leaves.

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Serving Tips

Serve it with steamed rice.


This is an authentic Benagali Lunch Dish served with steamed rice. Very tasty & popular dish.

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