Basic Pizza Sauce

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Basic Pizza Sauce

Pizza Sauce is easy to available in market.  In any grocery market you can but it. But fresh & homemade is always better, Right. If you can make it at home , you can customize it with different flavors.  I always buy the sauce from the market. But didn't like the flavor every time.So one day I thought of making this sauce at home. This way I could make the sauce which I exactly wanted.

Pizza sauce is a tomato based sauce which we spread on pizza. This tomato based sauce should be smooth in consistency not chunky and seasoned with spices. This sauce itself has a lot of flavors. This can make your pizza even more tasty and flavorful.




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Ingredients for Basic Pizza Sauce

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Preperation steps for Basic Pizza Sauce

  Mix all the ingredients together in a mixing bowl till the sauce becomes smooth.

  No need to cook any more. Let stand for couple of hours before spreading on dough.

Serving Tips

Spread on oiled pizza crust and bake it.

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