Piaj/Onion Pakora & Eggplant Fritters

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Piaji & Beguni

Bengal's Piaji is famous street food. The word 'Piaji' is a derivative of 'Piaj' (in Bengali). This is quite similar to chana dal vada in texture but tastes wise it is different. This Piaji is prepared same like chana dal vada but they add baking soda here. It is so soft inside and crispy from outside. It's a perfect evening snack to go with a glass of Ginger Chai.

Pyaj Pakora Or Piyaji and Eggplant Fritters are very famous snacks in West Bengal. In "Ratha Yatra" all these fried snacks are available in "Rather Mela" Or "Rath Fair" along with "Jeelipi & Papad Bhaja". Piaji Beguni is nothing but Onion & eggplant fritters. Chopped Onion & Eggplant dipped in Besan batter with other spices and deep fried.

Finally rainy days are on full swing in most part of India. And this brings a subtle chill weather all around. To balance this we always crave for some hot snacks with a hot cup of tea. In India each region has its own delicacy related to these type of days. In Bengali cuisine, there are also a variety of snacks which one can surely enjoy as snacks like piaji(onion fritters), beguni , aloo chop, nimki, muri mixture etc along with a hot cup of adrak wali chai (ginger milk tea) or masala tea as well. These snacks definitely boost anyone’s mood in a cozy and cold evening specifically.



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15 Minutes

15 Minutes

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Ingredients for Piaji & Beguni

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Preperation steps for Piaji & Beguni


  Take all the ingredients written for "Piyaji" in a bowl and mix well by using hands.

  Now add very little water at a time. Make a thick mixture and keep aside for 5 minutes.

  Now heat oil in a deep wok and add the mixture by one tablespoon into the wok and deep fry till golden brown.

  ake out the "Piyaji" and place on a paper towel.


  Take a bowl and mix all the dry ingredients for "Beguni" and mix well. Now add little water at a time and mix and make a tick batter.

  Now heat oil in a pan and take e thin slice of eggplant deep into the batter and add into the wok and deep fry both sides.

  ake the "Beguni " out of the wok and put on paper towel.

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Serving Tips

Serve "Piyaji & Beguni" hot with puffed rice and tea.l


Deep fried snacks should be consumed hot.

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