Aamer Payesh Or Mango Rice Pudding

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Aamer Payesh

Bengali people greet their guests with ripe cut Mangoes and Lichies. It's really refreshing in hot Summer days. <b>Aamer Payesh</b> is a Milk &amp; Rice based Pudding with Mango Flavor. This <b>Aamer Payesh</b> should have chilled. I had this <b>Aamer Payesh</b> at my Grand Mother's home. I used to go at her home in Summer vacation. I never forgot the taste. When I started cooking after my marriage I tried to make this <b>Aamer Payesh</b>. But somehow I couldn't bring the exact taste. But after trying several times, now I got almost the same taste. I just&nbsp;love Mango, raw or&nbsp;in any kind of dessert. One famous Bengali sweet called Sondesh also can be Mango flavored. So I thought sharing this <b>Aamer Payesh</b> recipe with all of you. Then you can also try this awesome recipe at home....

Aamer Payesh is a thick milk based rice dessert which is also known as Mango flavored Kheer. We scoop out the juicy ripe mango flesh, and then make puree out of the flesh without using any water. On the other hand we'll be making the payesh or rice pudding and at the end we will mix the mango pulp with the Payesh. That's it. It is very easy to make but may be time consuming too. Let's check for the recipe of Aamer Payesh.



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Ingredients for Aamer Payesh

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Preperation steps for Aamer Payesh

  Take a large pan add very little water in it and add the milk or half n half and boil it till the liquid becomes half n the quantity.(keep stirring continuously)

  Now add the soaked rice into the pan and boil the rice along with the milk. When the rice will be cooked enough add the sugar and boil for another 10 minutes or the pudding becomes thick and creamy.

  Now let the Payesh cool completely and then add the mango pulp and mix with the "Payesh" very well.

  Pour the "Payesh" in a large container garnish with chopped nuts and refrigerate it for 3-4 hour or before serving.


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Serving Tips

Serve chilled


When you will going to add the Mango Pulp, the Payesh might Curdle. So before adding all the Mango Pulp, take 2-3 tablespoons of Payesh in a small bowl and add 1-2 tablespoons of Mango Pulp to it and mix with the Payesh. If the Payesh looks ok them mix all the mango Pulp to the Payesh.

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