Kamranga Or Elo Jhelo Goja

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Kamranga Goja

Goja is the Bengali Version of North Indian Sakkar Para. Flour dough is rolled and shape them what ever you like. And then deep fry them and dip into thick sugar syrup. And a must sweet for the Vijaya Dashami. Bengalis welcome their guests after the Visharjan of Goddess Durga with lots of sweet and some snacks, this is one of the sweets which serve to the guests.




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30 Minutes

30 Minutes



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Anytime(Whenever you feel Hungry :)

Festival Food
Vijaya Dashami

Ingredients for Kamranga Goja

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Preperation steps for Kamranga Goja

  First take a bowl and add Maida and Baking Powder together. Now add the 4 tablespoons of ghee and mix with the Maida very well. Now the Maida will be crumbly.

  Add little water at a time to make the dough. The Dough will be little stiff but smooth. Cover the dough with an damp cloth for an hour.

  Now make puri size balls from the dough. Take a ball and roll it into a small circle, now with the help of knife slit along the puri without cutting the edges ,roll the silted puri tenderly.

  Heat oil in a heavy bottomed pan, lower the flame and deep fry Kamranga one at a time until light brown in color and evenly done.

  Place the fried Kamranga shaped pastries on a tissue paper towel to absorb excess oil and let it cool.

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Making Sugar Syrup :

  Take the Suagr and the measured water in a pan and bring them to a nice boil till the syrup thickens to produce bubbles.

  Turn off the oven and set aside. now add the fried Pastries into the syrup and let them be their for 30 minutes, in this way the sugar will completely coated to the Gojas.

  Take them out and store in a airtight container for a month.

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