Bengali Cauliflower Samosa Or Phulkopir Singara

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Phulkopir Singara

West Bengal is well known for its food. Whenever you hear about someone is from Bengal, will start asking them about "Rosogolla, Misti-doi, Machher Jhol". Not only these, Bengal is known for its "Street Food", specially the Telebhaja, Chowmein, Phuchka etc... And the most famous Telebhaja from West Bengal is Singara. Singara is known as Samosa all over the India. Though they are both looks similar, but there are some differences between "Singara" & "Samosa". "Singara" is more crispy than the "Samosa". Usually onion & garlic are not used in "Singara". But there are onion & garlic in most of the "Samosas". In "Singara" veggies are remain in pieces, but in "Samosa", most of the time the veggies have been mashed. "Singara" is smaller in comparision to "Samosa". And most important difference between "Singara" & "Samosa" is the taste. "Singara" is not very difficult to make. The main part is to pack the "Shell" and to fry them.

Phulkopi is the Bengali name of Cauliflower. This "Singara" is specially made in Winter, as Cauliflower is the popular vegetable of this season. "Phulkopir Singara" is made with stir fried cauliflower & potatoes along with some other spices. For crispyness of the "Singara" , we have to use ghee. In the roadside shops, they use Daldas to make the "Singara" most crispy and stay as it is through out the day. But dalda is not good for health. "Singara" should be served hot and fresh as soon as they are made, if they reach to the room temperature, they will loss the crispyness. Read my tips Tips to make Crispy old samosas ". Here is the recipe of "Phulkopir Singara"...




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Ingredients for Phulkopir Singara

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Preperation steps for Phulkopir Singara

Prepare the stuffing :

  Heat the 2 tablespoons of oil in a non-stick pan and fry the peanuts till golden, take them out of the pan and keep aside.

  Now add cumin seeds & ginger to the oil and wait till they splatter. When they start splattering, add the Cauliflower & potatoes and fry them. When they look like fried enough, add the green peas, fried peanuts, chopped chilies and fry again.

  Add turmeric powder & salt and little bit of water to the pan, and cover the pan and let the veggies to be cooked on medium low heat. When veggies will be cooked enough, add the ground spices & fried peanuts to the pan and mix with the fried veggies. Turn off the heat and let the mixture to cool down completely.

  Prepare the Dough :

  Take Maida, soda-bi-Carb, salt in a large bowl and mix them well. Now add the melted ghee ("moyan" in Bengali) to the Maida mixture and mix altogether very well.

  Add water little by little at a time to the Maida mixture to make a stiff dough for the most crispy "Singara" .

  Kneed the dough very well to make it smooth but stiff. This is the hard part, but don't worry. Give the dough to your husband to kneed it well with their strong hands. And I'm sure they will do it happily, as they will get the hot "Singaras" as evening snacks.

  Ok, after kneading well, apply some oil allover the dough and cover it with a dump cloth. In this way no skin will form on the dough.

Making Singara :

  Make 6-7 balls from the dough. Take one ball in your palm, and make it round in shape. Now press the ball to flatten on a clean wooden surface and roll it to make a thin circle.

  Cut the circle in the middle with a sharp knife to make two parts of each circle. Apply water at all the edges. Joint the straight edge to make a cone shape.

  Hold the cone shape in your hand and fill the cone with cauliflower and potato mixture. Now press to seal the open mouth of the cone, as you can see in the picture. But seal very carefully to secure the stuffing remain inside. In this way make rest of the "Singaras".

  How to fry the Singaras :

  Heat enough oil in a deep wok. But do not reach at smoking point. The oil should be medium hot. Add 3-4 "Singaras" at a time, and fry them on low heat to make them crispy.

  When the "Singaras" will be golden brown in color, take them out of the wok and serve hot with any chutney...

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