Bengali Aam Doi Or Bengali Mango Flavored Yogurt

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Bengali Aam Doi

Bengali Misti Doi is very much popular in all over the India as well as in some of the other countries too. Yogurt dessert is an integral part of Bengali cuisine. Now for the uninitiated, a bit about Bengal and Bengali food: The Indian state of West Bengal is known for its rich culinary heritage and the use of certain distinctive ingredients such as fresh-water fish and  mustard, which give its food a unique flavor. Mishti Doi Or Sweet Yogurt is a dessert prepared by slowly cooking milk and sugar till reduced to a thick consistency and then adding a bit of yogurt to ferment the milk. Once the milk has fermented into yogurt, it is chilled and served cold.

Aam doi is nowadays become very famous as the Misti Doi in West Bengal. This Aam Doi tasted very nice and flavorful and very much refreshing in summer days. I made this "Aam Doi" in traditional way. This is not a baked yogurt. This is the yogurt made with Fresh Mango Pulp. Here is the recipe.




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Ingredients for Bengali Aam Doi

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Preperation steps for Bengali Aam Doi

  Take the ripe mango and peel it. Now chop the mango into chunks and make mango puree by grinding the chunks in a food processor. Take the mango puree out of the food processor and pour into a bowl.

  Now take a cheese cloth and pour the sour curd on the cheese cloth and tie and hang from your kitchen tap for 1 hour.

  Now take the milk in a sauce pan and place on heat to boil the milk. Boil the milk till the quantity becomes 1/4 of the original amount.

  But keep eye on the boiling milk and stirring constantly to prevent burning from the bottom. When the milk will come 1/4 of the original amount, turn off the heat and let the milk to cool down. The milk should cool down from hot to look warm.

  If you are using Evaporated milk, you may skip this step. Just warm the Evaporated milk little bit before adding the milk with the curd.

  Take an ovenproof bowl, add the hung curd into it. Spread the curd inside the bowl by using your hand.

  Now add the look warm milk, condensed milk and mix them all together very gently. Make sure there should be no lumps. After mixing them, add the mango puree to the milk mixture and again mix them gently.

  Now pre-heat the oven on 200F and place the Aam Doi mixture inside the pre-heated oven for 1 hour or until the yogurt sets.

  When you fill the yogurt is settled , turn off the oven and let the yogurt inside the oven for overnight.

  In the morning remove the Aam Doi from the oven and place inside the refrigerator for chilling.

  Remove the "Aam Doi" just before serving your guests.

Serving Tips

Aam Doi should be served at the end of a full course Indian Lunch menu. And it should be served chilled.

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