Mango Peda Or Mango Flavored Milk Fudge

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Mango Peda

Peda is a very famous Indian sweets, which is made reducing full-fat milk, i.e called mawa. Peda is especially a North Indian sweet. These sweets are eaten to celebrate festivals, occasions etc. Peda has many variations. There are different types of Pedas made in India like Pistachios Peda, Kesar Peda, Dudh Peda etc. Today I'm going to share another type of Peda which is made especially during Summer is Mango Peda. The key ingredients of Mango Pedas are Mango Pulp, Mawa, Sugar, Condensed Milk. This recipe is very easy but you need to be patient. Now lets directly go to the recipe.....




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Ingredients for Mango Peda

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Preperation steps for Mango Peda

  Take the mangoes, peel them, cut the flesh and keep aside. Take a grinder, add the mango flesh, sugar & grind to make smooth pulp and keep aside.

  Now take a non-stick pan & on low heat, add the ghee, mawa & condensed milk together. On low heat, stirring constantly reduce them to thick soft dough. But always keep your eyes on the pan, otherwise, it may burn at the bottom.

  Turn off the heat and let the mixture cool down. In the meantime take another pan, heat 1 teaspoon ghee, add the mango pulp, crushed cardamom and make it thick.

  When the pulp will be thick & sticky, add the mawa mixture into the mango pulp and let everything mix all together.

  When the mango & mawa mixture will be soft dough-like texture, turn off the heat and keep it aside to completely cool down. When the mixture will be completely cool down, rub some ghee on both your palm, take a small portion of the mixture and make round balls.

  Make same sized balls from rest of the dough. When all mango balls are made, take each ball, press your thumb on the top, it will make a dent on the ball & flatten the ball & will look like Peda, garnish with some chopped pista & saffron and put on a flat serving plate. I

  n this way make rest of the pedas. Now keep the pedas inside the refrigerator for 1 hour. After 1 hour remove them and serve.

  Almost 12-15 Pedas will be made.

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