Easy Homemade Fresh Tomato Soup

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Tomato Soup

Tomato soup is one of the most popular soup in winter. In chilling winter, tangy spicy tomato soup is the savior. A bowl of perfect tomato soup is always prepared with fresh, juicy tomatoes. Try to use the best available local variety of lush and ripe tomatoes to make this soup. This tomato soup recipe uses fresh tomatoes and will remind you of your mom's famous cooking. Sure the can of tomato soup works in a time crunch, but nothing beats the delicious flavors of a soup you made from scratch with fresh ingredients.

In this chilling season nothing can be better than a hot cup of 'Spicy Tomato Soup'. In my list of favorite food during winter, Tomato Soup always be on the top. And if some garlic croutons can be added, it will be heavenly. But being an Indian, I always prefer my soup will be little spicy. So whenever I prepare soups, I try to make it little spicy. Today I'm going to share my favorite Tomato Soup recipe with you, which I often make for evening snacks. In this recipe I do not boil the tomatoes, I roast them on pan with onion, garlic & green chilis and then grind them.

How to Freeze Tomato Soup?

This recipe makes six servings, so if you need to freeze leftovers, that's okay! Simply ladle individual portions of (completely cooled) tomato soup into zip-top bags and squeeze out the excess air. Label and date them, then freeze for up to three months.



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Ingredients for Tomato Soup

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Preperation steps for Tomato Soup

  Take a non-stick pan or grilling pan, put on high heat, apply the extra-virgine olive oil all over the pan. When the pan will be hot enough, reduce the heat and add the tomato slices, onion slices, garlic cloves green chili to the pan and roast everything till they look nicely grilled soft. Turn them in betewwen.

  Turn off the heat and let them cool down completely. It may take 10-15 minutes. After 15 minutes, take the roasted veggies in a grinder, add 4 tablespoons vegetable stock and grind them to make smooth paste. Strain the Tomato puree and keep aside.

  Now heat a medium size sauce pan, add butter and all purpose flour in the pan and mix them together with a spatulla till the all purpose flour becomes smooth. Make sure there should not be any lump in it.

  Now add the Tomato puree into the pan, and rest of the Vegetable stock, salt to taste, black pepper powder and make everything to boil nicely. Add dried Basil to the soup and boil for 5 miutes.

  Check the salt, add some if neede. Turn off the heat and serve hot with crutons Heavy cream Or Beaten curd.

  Enjoy the Hot Spicy 'Roasted Tomato Soup'......

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Serving Tips

To make the soup even more healthy you may add beaten curd instead of heavy cream.


Chicken stock can be added instead of vegetable stock.

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