Aloo Masala Or Potato Puri

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Aloo Masala Puri

You, my readers already know that, I'm a mother of 2.5 years old kiddo. And since last October he is going to Play group to find some friends. He stays there for 3 long hours. And all of them enjoy some snacks there. They share their tiffin with friends, as they're learning to share. His play school is strictly vegetarian. So I always have to prepare delicious and healthy snacks for him. Sometimes, rice noodles with lots of veggies, vegetable pasta without sauce, as I avoid adding store bought sauce, vegetables suji upma, vermicelli upma, stuffed paratha, roti roll filled with sabji, roti roll filled with homemade jam and many more. Few days ago I''ve tried this Aloo Masala Puri for his snacks, and guess what, it was a big hit. So thought of sharing this easy peasy recipe to you all who always wanted to give healthy delicious tiffin for the kids. Not only my kiddo, but his daddy is also very choosy about his food. He aslo wants healthy but tasty food all the time. So I have to bring new ideas every time, else they will eat outside, which I really don't like. Once a month outside food is ok, but not all the time. And specially when you have kids with you, you have to be very careful about the food you're choosing. If you go for outside food regularly, then they will be stick to the outside food all the time. So try to prepare delicious but healthy food at home.

As aloo masala puri contains boiled potato, some spices, chopped cilantro and atta. It's filling, healthy and delicious. This is a very easy recipe, you just have to mix everything and make small puri and deep fry them. This is a North Indian recipe, where they use Whole wheat flour for making puries or parathas. Freshly chopped methi leaves or kasuri methi also can be used in this puri, it will give a nice flavore to the puri and will be very healthy too.Let's check for the recipe...




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Ingredients for Aloo Masala Puri

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Preperation steps for Aloo Masala Puri

  Take boiled potato in a bowl and mash well. Make sure there is no lump. Add cumin coriander, aam chur, salt, cilantro and mix well.

  Now add atta as much as required to make a non-sticky dough.

  Keep aside the dough with a dump cloth covered for 30 minutes.

  After 30 minutes take the dough and kneed well and make small balls from the dough. Now oil in a flat surface and roll the balls with rolling pin and make small circles and keep covered.

  In the mean time heat enough oil for deep frying in a kadai or wok and very carefully release the puris in the oil and with a slotted spatula press the puri gently. This will puff up the luchi instantly. Once one side turns golden turn it and fry for some time.

  Using the spatula drain and take it out. Repeat this process with the rest of the balls.

  Enjoy Aloo Masala Puri with dahi and anchar or any curry. This is a great breakfast for adults also...

Serving Tips

Serve aloo masala puri as it is with dahi and anchar, or any curry.


You may add maida instead of atta, it will taste even better. But for health reason I added atta. You may add kasuri methi or freshly chopped methi leaves inthe dough. It'll give the nice methi flavore and will be Aloo methi puri, which taste even better.

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