Pona Macher Tomato Die Jhol

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Macher Tomato Jhol

I'm a fish lover Bengali(I don't like the word Bong, in fact there is no such word in Dictionary). Whenever I find fish in menu, I become happy. And this is so obvious, we Bengalies are true fish lovers. That's why we are called 'Mache Bhate Bangali'. In my kitchen you can find one must item that s fish. And for a true Bengali nothing can be more comforting than 'Bhat ar Pona Macher Jhol'. With a dash of lemon juice is just like 'cake with a cherry on the top'. After this comfort food, a 2 hours of nap is mandatory, I mean this is life of a Bengali. But in our fast life this has become a dream, which every Bengali wants to live. Hahaha, too much of Bengali anthem, huh...leave it. Let's talk about 'Macher Jhol'... oh not the movie, but the real Bengali's very own 'Macher Jhol' dish. You can find lots of 'Macher Jhol' recipes over the internet, and most of them are totally different from one another. In every family, there is a heirloom recipe of 'Macher Jhol', on the other hand we make our own with available ingredients in the market, as now a days most of the Bengalis are out of West Bengal, where they can't get every ingredients which are used for daily cooking, such as good quality Eggplant(Begun) or Pointed Gourd(potol/parwal) are very rare in south India. And for every traditional cooking the original ingredients are very important for the authentic taste. So we have to compromise it with the available ingredients from the local market. I cook at least 5 types of 'Macher Jhol' recipe, one type is already in blog, and that is a very popular one. 'Rui Macher Jhol'. Today I'm going to share the 'Tomato Die Macher Jhol' which is not our family heirloom, this is absolutely my own creation. And my most favorite one too. Very easy to make and finger licking good in taste. Have a look in the recipe...




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Ingredients for Macher Tomato Jhol

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Preperation steps for Macher Tomato Jhol

  Take the fish pieces in a bowl, wash under tap water and rinse. And add salt turmeric on the pieces and rub them nicely using your hand. Keep aside them for 30 minutes.

  After 30 minutes, take a wok, heat the mustard oil in it till the oil is hot and smokey. Now add the fish pieces 1 by 1. Fry the fish pieces 2 at a time. Don't a dd all the pieces at a time, they could be broken into pieces. Fry the fish till they turn golden in color. Take them out of the wok and keep in a large bowl, in which bowl you are going to serve the Jhol.

  Now in the remaining oil, add the potatoes and eggplant and some salt, fry them for 2 minutes. Take them out of the pan and keep in the same bowl, where you kept the fried fish pieces.

  Now add little oil if needed or add kalonji & green chili in the same oil and fry for a while. Now add chopped tomatoes in to the wok, along with little bit of salt and cover it, let the tomatoes cook on lower heat. The addition of salt is for making the tomatoes mashy and pulpy. Don't skip this step. It will take 1 to 2 mintues. In the meantime take small bowl, add turmeric, cumin & red chili powder and little water to make the masala paste.

  After 2 minutes, uncover the wok, you will see the tomatoes have become pulpy. Now add the masala paste which you have made and higher the heat. Keep sauteing everything till the masala starts loosing oil.

  Add fried fish pieces, potatoes and eggplants in to the wok and keep sauteing everything for 2 minutes. Through this step, the masala is going inside the fish & vegetables. Add the warm water and cover the wok to cook the vegetables for 10 minutes on simmer.

  After 10 minutes check if the vegetables have been cooked or not. If not keep the cooking on as it is for another 5 minutes. If they are cooked enough just remove the lid, higher the gas, and let the 'Jhol' to boil for another 2 minutes. After 2 minutes turn off the gas, serve the 'Tomato Die Macher Jhol' in a bowl and garnish with chopped coriander leaves/cilantro.

  Serve the 'Tomato Die Macher Jhol' with pipping hot steamed rice.

  Enjoy your comfort food....Don't forget to take a nap after this lunch...:)

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