Bread Stuffed With Chicken Kebab & Vegetables

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Chicken Kebab Stuffed Bread

Today I tried this Chicken Stuffed Bread, which I had few months ago in an Italian Restaurant. It was so yummy, mouth watering. I tried this with a little twist. I stuffed the Bread with Chicken Kebabs, instead of plain grilled or cooked chicken. It tasted just awesome. This Bread can be made with Pillsbury Pizza dough Or Homemade Pizza dough. I used homemade dough. This is a Fusion type Chicken Stuffed Bread. Italian Chicken Stuffed Bread with Deshi Tadka...




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Ingredients for Chicken Kebab Stuffed Bread

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Preperation steps for Chicken Kebab Stuffed Bread

  Take the Chicken And cut into bite size cube pieces, pat dry and place into a bowl.

  Now in the same bowl add all the ingredients under the heading of "Chicken Kebabs" and mix with the Chicken Pieces, keep aside for 1 hour.

  After 1 hour you may broil the marinated Chicken, Bell Peppers & Onion for 10-15 minutes or Roast on Tawa or Pan till the Chicken is cooked. Take them out and keep aside.

  Pre-heat the Oven on 375F...

  Begin by rolling out the pizza crust on a lightly greased baking sheet. Cut 2" strips on both sides as pictured below.

  his does not have to be perfect to end up looking good. Spread the Ketchup in the middle of the dough. Fill center portion of pizza dough with Chicken Kebabs, bell peppers, onion and cheese.. Pull up "fingers" of bread alternating sides.

  he dough stretches easily to reach to the other side. Continue overlapping in braid fashion. Spray some Olive Oil on the Bread.

  Bake the Bread for 25-30 minutes Or till the Bread becomes Golden Brown. Remove the Bread from the Oven and Serve.


You can make this with grilled or cooked paneer too.

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