Aam Sandesh | Mango Sandesh Recipe

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Aam Sandesh

Sandesh is a very popular Bengali sweet. When some non-Bengali people ask for Bengali sweet, it must be either Rosogolla or Sandesh. Sandesh is Bengali's own sweet. For preparing basic Sandesh, you need 2 key ingredients, freshly prepared 'Chhana/Cottage cheese', and sugar. Sometimes sugar can be replaced with Date palm jaggery or Nolen Gur. And if you want to make flavored Sandesh you can rose essence/ pistachio/ cocoa powder or any fruit pulp like mango/pineapple/strawberry/litchi/orange or choice of your fruits. My blog already has the 'Orange Sandesh', today I'm going to share the 'Mango/Aam Sandesh'. This Sandesh is nice natural yellow in color, awesome mango flavor and melts the mouth texture. For making this Sandesh you need flavorful Mangoes like 'Himsagar/Alphanso/Rasselu/Kesar', which mangoes have a nice flavor but smooth in texture. So Langra will not be perfect for this Sandesh. I'm not a sweet loving person, my hubby is. And in Hyderabad, though Bengali sweets are very much available, they are very costly, almost triple of the Kolkata price. So I most of the time try to make them at home, in this way my Little Chomchom can also relish some sweets too. And this the 'Mango Season', my most favorite fruit, I can have mango in any form. so I don't mind to do little effort for the King of the fruits. In every summer I try to upload at least one Mango recipe. And no sooner I got the sweet mango in Hyderabad, I've decided to make some Sandesh with it. So let's check for the step by step recipe below.




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Ingredients for Aam Sandesh

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Preperation steps for Aam Sandesh

  Take a large pan, heat the milk. When the milk will start boiling, simmer the heat and start adding lemon juice slowly all over the pan. When the milk will start curdling, turn off the gas and add rest of the lemon juice. Cover the pan and let it be for 5 more minutes.

  After 5 minutes take a large strainer, put a cheesecloth on it and strain the chhana. Now wash the chhana under tap water to remove the lemony smell & the tangy taste for few seconds. Now take the four corners of the cloth and make a knot and hang from the tap to remove excess water for 1 hour. Remember the chhana may not be too dry or too moist.

  Now take the sugar and cardamom seeds in a blender, blend to make fine sugar powder. Take the powdered sugar and keep into a bowl.

  In the same blender, add chopped mango and blend to make smooth mango pulp. Don't add any water.

  Now take the Chhana, and powder sugar and cardamom in a plate, and mix well. You have to need them together to make a smooth dough. You may use the blender to blend them to nice smooth texture. I've used the blender to make the chhana smooth. It will make your work easier.

  Now take a non-stick pan, and add the chhana, sugar mixture and the mango pulp together. Keep them mixing with a wooden spatula. Keep stirring on low heat. Don't higher the heat, the mixture will get burnt easily.

  Just have patience and keep stirring the mixture until the mixture comes together and make a smooth dough.

  Let the dough to cool down a little bit. Make 14 equal portions out of it. Take any shape of a Sandesh mold, add a pinch of finely chopped pistachios, and press the small portion of the dough on the mold to make Sandesh.

  If you don't have any mold, just make them round in shape and sprinkle some chopped pistachios on the top.

  Store the Sandesh for 3 to 4 days in refrigerator.


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